Creating a brighter future

Empowering businesses

Our History

LUMINIX LED Lighting International Ltd. was established in 2012. It is the knowledge and experience of our team that provides value where our competitors cannot. We are not a conglomerate with diversified interests. We are specialists with a resolute passion for what we do, and an unparalleled focus to create the best lighting system. 

By helping you realize potential energy and cost savings, we can enable small businesses & entrepreneurs to innovate in communities where energy is costly. Our vision is not only to be efficient, but to lower the harmful environmental impacts that the lighting industry produces annually. And we can. 


Continually redesigning to improve performance and ease of use, it is the craftsmanship of The Litelution™ that differentiates us from cheap LED alternatives.

We manufacture in an ISO9001:2008 environment to improve the reliability of our products, to enhance the quality of our process, and to reduce waste by improving efficiency.
Quality Materials
Our ceramic-based LED's can be driven harder & hotter than the plastic-LED's that dominate today's market. This allows longer product lives and less color variations under high stress.

Our Methodology

By extending the useful life of each light, we reduce the annual refuse that ends up in landfills. By refraining from toxic materials such as mercury and lead, we remove the long-term environmental damage that these chemicals have on our planet - particularly if they were not disposed of properly. By improving the energy efficiency of each light, we can reduce the valuable natural resources required to produce our energy. 

Three Pillars

Increase Useful Life | Improve Efficiency | Remove Toxic Materials

We take great pride in our work and the impact we are trying to make.

From beginning to end, we have full control over design, materials, production, on-site product installation, and after-sale service. Due to our rigorous internal quality standards, we are the first North American company to qualify for 3rd party financing for lighting products. On top of this, we also offer a 5-year limited warranty on all series of the The Litelution™.

After two years of R&D, we finally brought The Litelution™ to market in 2015. 

Be Responsible.

Economic Development | Social Development | Environmental Sustainability

You can make a difference.

A study by the International Energy Agency (2014) provided a robust analysis on the impacts of energy efficiency, focusing on five key benefit areas: macroeconomic development, public budgets, health & well-being, industrial productivity, and energy delivery in developed countries. In developing countries, it also promotes access to energy, economic development & growth, poverty alleviation, climate change resilience, and reduces local pollution.