4x Lumosity
Luminix Litelution™ LED Lights achieve up to 4x greater light intensity than the average T8 compact fluorescent light.
Quality Assurance
We manufacture our Litelution™ offering with high-quality CREE® LEDs to deliver premium lighting products. Our commitment to quality was rewarded with multiple industry-standard certifications to give the ease of mind you deserve.
7x Life Expectancy
The detail in our design permits us to outlast our competitors products by 7x. The average LED light is used for two years.
Our Litelution™ LED lights shine bright when needed and dim to save energy when unused. The results? Lower energy consumption, longer lasting product, more savings and less strain on our environment. Did we also mention all products are Mercury-Free? Now that's Green.

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Financing Options with 0% Down (OAC)

Our commitment to quality has made us the only Canadian LED company eligible for 3rd Party Financing. Partnering with RCAP Leasing, we can offer you the most affordable and value-effective way to switch to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting system.




Become a Registered Distributor

If you are a business looking to buy wholesale and sell our products in your region, inquire with us to become a registered distributor for a smoother and quicker transaction experience.